Analytics and Research

Preparing food for thought. We study industries, competitors and consumers. We collect and analyze data to make reasoned decisions. We prepare materials to support external communication and other business development activities.


Both industrial and technology. For example, we can analyze regional and global competitors’ activity, disruptive potential of startups, as well as technological trends in order to predict development of a specific industry over a 3-5-10 years horizon. Materials can serve both for understanding of technological capabilities, as well as for marketing and sales purposes.


It is important to consider many factors for businesses ready for a quality growth: market situation, competitors’ position, technological trends, non-obvious partnerships and business models. We can prepare materials based on an objective information and facilitate the discussion during your strategic session.


Providing strategic communication development and support we help to create content able to raise awareness and strengthen expert positioning. We work both with marketing departments directly, and with marketing and communication agencies.

Some examples

Health and safety leading service provider
Analysis of technological trends in the field of ecology and occupational safety and health

Venture fund
Preparation of an artificial intelligence overview for communication with partners

International law firm
Positioning among technology entrepreneurs and investors

IT-system integrator
Preparation of a series of case studies on blockchain technology application

Business school
Preparation of a blockchain application teaching case study based on a key Russian case

Largest global truck producer
Analysis of technological trends impact on urban mobility, logistics and waste management

Ready for change?

MINDSMITH focuses on complex studies, intensive trainings and strategic consulting in the field of high technologies. We speak both languages of business and technology and can translate both ways. This is how we solve the most complex puzzles.

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