Strategic Consulting

Unlocking insights. We study the impact of technologies on industries and consumer behavior, identify threats and opportunities which arise with the spread of new technologies. We provide recommendations on new products, business models and ways to improve current business efficiency.

For business

Business development strategy

We analyze global and local experience, as well as investment and entrepreneurial activity.

We find a vector of strategic development through comprehensive analysis of competitors, startups, venture deals, technological and behavioral trends.

For investors

Second opinion

We analyze product and team, explore business model, market trends, competitive environment, current project status, and action plan.

Our conclusion on the project takes into account possible risks and saves investors’ money.

For projects

Assisting with go-to-market

We study demand, market, geography, value proposition of competitors.

When the product does not “lift off”, we help with new market hypotheses and repackaging.

Some examples

Russian oil company
Development of blockchain application models for commodities trading

Group of private investors
Human resources IT product concept

Tech startup
Foreign markets roadmap development for a startup in the field of intelligent video analytics

Private equity fund
Technology company assessment for making an investment decision

Venture fund
Development of the fund launch plan and external communication strategy

Tech startup
Preparation of the second opinion, recommendations for a product launch, considering competitors’ activities and target markets specifics

Ready for change?

MINDSMITH focuses on complex studies, intensive trainings and strategic consulting in the field of high technologies. We speak both languages of business and technology and can translate both ways. This is how we solve the most complex puzzles.

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