Helping to keep pace with changes.

We conduct intensive trainings on new technologies and digital transformation. We stimulate changes by raising awareness of employees and top-managers.

We conduct intensive trainings for business owners, top-managers, emoployees and public officers.

From master-classes on specific technological trends to complex strategic sessions and comprehensive modules on digital transformation.

For business

Technologies change the rules of the game, open up
new opportunities and increase efficiency.

Managerial teams have to lead digital transformation, considering various risks and ensuring
business continuity.

For government

Implementation of objectives of national digital transformation programs requires government officials to understand the opportunities and risks of cross-cutting technologies.

It is crucial to positively impact the economic, social and cultural environment.

Some examples

Largest metals and mining company
Conducted training for legal department on blockchain technology possibilities and application scenarios

RANEPA and Kingston University
Developed a module on digital transformation for students of Executive MBA

Rosatom, a global nuclear technologies leader
Developed a business game on cybersecurity and cyber hygiene for the personnel reserve

Training center under the Administration
of the Governor of the Moscow Region
Conducted training for public officers
on modern cybersecurity threats and risks

The largest Russian development institution
Conducted training for investment directors on possibilities of selected cross-cutting technologies

Russian leader in e-commerce
Developed a training on project management
for the security department

Ready for change?

MINDSMITH focuses on complex studies, intensive trainings and strategic consulting in the field of high technologies. We speak both languages of business and technology and can translate both ways. This is how we solve the most complex puzzles.

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